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Ein Stapel medizinischer Bücher.

Publications with SPP2202-Acknowledgement

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Publications in the overview

Le Poul Y, Xin Y, Ling L, Mühling B, Jaenichen R, Hörl D, Bunk D, Harz H, Leonhardt H, Wang Y, Osipova E, Museridze M, Dharmadhikari D, Murphy E, Rohs R, Preibisch S, Prud’homme B and Gompel N (2020).

Regulatory encoding of quantitative variation in spatial activity of a Drosophila enhancer.

Sci. Adv., 6, eabe2955.

Chiasson D, Giménez-Oya V, Bircheneder M, Bachmaier S, Studtrucker T, Ryan J, Sollweck K, Leonhardt H, Boshart M, Dietrich P and Parniske M (2019).
A unified multi-kingdom Golden Gate cloning platform.

Sci Rep, 9, 10131.

Maiser A, Dillinger S, Längst G, Schermelleh L, Leonhardt H and Németh A (2020).
Super-resolution in situ analysis of active ribosomal DNA chromatin organization in the nucleolus.
Sci Rep., 10, 7462.